Electrical Systems

  • Control Systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Motive power supply
  • Data and Coice Networks
  • Alarm systems
  • Special Systems
  • Domotic



FLU.Project ensures complete development of systems engineering by providing services to support the design of mechanical systems through the design of the electrical power and control systems. The coordinated and integrated design of an installation allows high quality, homogeneous and “monolingual” results with a considerable savings in their implementation.


Starting from simple temperature control systems and up to complex Building Management (DDC, etc.) the project selection and development are managed according to the specific characteristics of the building-plant system with a focus on implementation costs but also to reduce primary energy consumption.
In all areas such as commercial-office, trade, industry, hospitals, hotels, etc., FLU.Project provides design, project management, accounting and assistance in the process of awarding contracts for all electrical and related such as lighting (and lighting surveys), motive power, data networks, alarms, fumes and gas detection.


In recent years, exploiting the development and deployment of such systems, FLU.Project has developed numerous and significant experience in Home Automation using the most of its relevant knowledge on technical systems (both electrical and mechanical) and applying domotic to Facility Management in order reduce energy consumption.
Marco Valigi and Marco Braccalenti are the electrical and BM project managers. They coordinate the development of all phases of services in any implementation.