Fire Prevention

  • Study of Safety Solutions
  • Comply with Regulatory Requirements for Monitored Buildings and Activities
  • Request and Obtainment of Authorizations for Business Activities



FLU.project has thirty years of experience in the design of active and passive safety systems for fire prevention, cooperating with architectural and structural designers since from the concept phase. The technical specialists in fire prevention are in close collaboration with other professionals always searching for the less intrusive solutions. They develop designs to be submitted to the Fire Department to obtain nulla-osta for installation viabilities.
prevenzione-incendi-4During system implementation they ensure the required management and, once installation is completed, they perform all the functional testing of active and passive systems leading to the release of test certificates. FLU.Project has an extensive experience in trading, industry, public entertainment, schools, commercial-office, hospital and residential both for new buildings and for regulatory compliance of existing structures. FLU.Project provides to the end customer an integrated design that includes both passive and active fire fighting systems, manual (hydrants, fire hoses, fire extinguishers) and automatic (sprinklers, water mister, clean agent) entirely developed in both mechanical and electrical. Claudio Cicogna and Michele Bartoccini are the project managers for fire prevention systems and coordinate all activities leading to the final approval.