Mechanical Systems

  • Climate Control
  • Heating
  • Sanitary Water Plants
  • Firefighting Water plants
  • Aqueducts and Sewer Networks
  • Steam Systems



In mechanical installations FLU.Project provides engineering services to three hundred sixty degrees, covering all areas: offices, commerce, industry, hospitals, accomodation, telecommunications, culture, schools, community and residential. Starting from feasibility studies and the technical and economic evaluations in the project planning phase, FLU.Project manages the development of all phases of both the design (concept, preliminary, final and executive detailed with the development of 3D models with BIM) and implementation (Works Management, Operations Management, accounting, start-up and commissioning, functional and technical-administrative testing).


FLU.Project can provide both designs that ancillary services for air conditioning, heating, fire fighting, water-sanitary, gas networks, aqueducts and sewers, steam and process plants. Engineering of FLU.Project uses the relevant skills and experience in electricity field to ensure design and an execution perfectly “defined” in all its components ensuring both comfort and minimal use of primary energy.


Mario Lucarelli, Enrico Malà and Marco Braccalenti are the mechanical project managers. They coordinate all phases of services in any implementation.