Consultancy & Services

  • Energetic Certifications
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Measurements and Consulting on Acoustics
  • Safety Management
  • Start-up and Commissioning



Studio Associate FLU.Project is mainly specialized in the design of mechanical, electrical and fire-prevention systems, but also provides other important services in fields that are complementary and related to installation.


acustica-1FLU.Project, with its extensive experience in acoustics and its high technological and certificates tools, performs audits of “acoustic environment”, designs and acoustic sound level measurements in both outdoor environments (for assessment of acoustic impact and acoustic climate) and indoor (for in place verifications of passive acoustic requirements), in civil and industrial installations.


To support the project activities on environmental sustainability and the reduction of primary energy consumption FLU.Project performs surveys on the characteristics of building envelopes (Legislative Decree no. 192/05, Legislative Decree 311/06, Law 10/91), processes energy performance certificates of new and existing facilities. It performs energy audits to identify actions for the energy requalification in existing facilities.

3D Design with BIM systems

BIM-6 To face recent but widespread request for modeling system design in 3D, FLU.Project has set up software, hardware and experienced operators to provide adequate response to this growing demand.
In addition to the Building Infomation Modeling (BIM), for the development of its mechanical 3D design FLU.Project currently uses applications for AutoCAD that can process design of systems for ventilation, air conditioning and water-sanitary with fine details on path and interferences with other installations, as well as obtain an accurate and reliable list of used materials.

Start-up and Commissioning

commissioning-1FLU.Project has developed numerous and significant experience in the start-up and commissioning of the HVAC system, fire and water all over the country and especially abroad with the management of all operations of final delivery of the works to the customer. With many modern tools, all certified, FLU.Project can ensure accurate measurements, testing and verification of flow of air and water, differential pressure, temperature, humidity, noise levels, fire hydrants, fire hoses, hydrants, sprinklers, analysis of network quality as part of civil electrical installations and industrial, electrical detection of network parameters (voltage, current, power, power factor, energy, etc …), harmonic analysis of voltages and currents, analysis of anomalies on supply voltages .

Safety Management

For a “complete” job management, in addition to design, construction supervision, testing, start-up and achievement authorizations, FLU.Project can ensure coordination during design and run-time jobs under the Legislative Decree . 81/2008 relying on qualified technicians and experts.