About the firm



FLU.Project is a professional association operating in mechanical and electrical systems with particular emphasis on solutions for reducing energy consumption and the exploitation of alternative energy sources. Its roots date back to 1978 when Eng. Mario Lucarelli, just graduated in engineering at the University of Bologna, begins its freelance activity in system design exploiting the taking effect of the innovative Italian Law 04/30/76 n. 373 about “thermal energy saving in buildings”.
fluproject-studio-2FLU.Project Associated is established in 2000 by Eng. Mario Lucarelli and his closest collaborators: Claudio Cicogna, Michele Bartoccini, Marco Braccalenti, Enrico Malà e Marco Valigi.
The aim of the new organization was to proceed design of mechanical and electrical system increasing scopes and extending the already notable portfolio of italian and overseas customers.To do that, the study was reorganized increasing human resources and computer systems until it took its current definition, which relies on twenty qualified operators skilled in various fields of the mechanical and electrical installations using advanced design softwares, two expert operators managing legal and administrative issues and quality assurance, many advanced tools and instrumentations for testing any type of installation and perform any energy analysis.
fluproject-studio-3FLU.Project operates with the procedures and the system of quality management required by UNI-EN ISO 9001/2008, having achieved an SGS certification. With such a consolidated organization FLU.Project succeeded in entering new and more prestigious markets and to develop a deep expertise on mechanical systems, such as air conditioning, heating, water treatment, rational use of energy in the fields both civil and industrial, and on electrical systems such as lighting, motive power, data transmission and automation. Highly developed was also the fire prevention and fire protection for all business activities monitored by Fire Department and for both residential and industrial application.
Making use of technological innovations of recent years the firm has developed – and is developing more – significant experiences in the exploitation of alternative energy sources (sun, wind, water) with main applications on photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, geothermal and use of ground water. Multinational oil companies – in countries such as Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kenya – have commissioned many activities of design and testing for industrial extraction of oil and gas and the realization of their bases of life, real cities in the middle of the desert. In some of these countries FLU.Project has designed also HVAC and Fire and Plumbing on service buildings of high-speed railways and subways.
With its almost continuous cooperation FLU.Project has provided and provides professional services to companies of national and international relevance such as Tod’s, Della Valle Group, Italferr, Comifar SpA, Brunello Cucinelli, Luisa Spagnoli SpA, San Patrignano, Bentini SpA, Hewlett Pakard, Motorola, Vodafone, Seat Pagine Gialle, Prelios, Cefla, Eni, Saipem, Tamagnini Appliances, Appliances Ceu, Liomatic, Umbra bearings, HTC, Santoni Shoes, Salini Impregilo